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Surroundings of B&B River Garden Zaandijk


Culture and nature around B&B RIver Garden

B&B River Garden  will be the perfect base to enjoy all the deligts of Amsterdam. In just 17 inutes by train you are in the center of town while also enjoying the peace and quiet of our house and the river. As we lived in Amsterdam for 16 years ourselves and still go into town several times a week, we can inform you about everything that is happening and give you all sorts of tips & information.

Also the ‘Zaanstreek’ (the surroundings of Zaandam) is interesting, being, until far into the last century, one of Holland’s most important industrial areas. A large amount of windmills pressed oil, made paper, or sawed wood. Many mills have disappeared but some of them are preserved, restaured and still functioning. B&B River Garden is situated right oppostite 7 working windmills, which can be visited. The millers can tell you all about the history of their often century-old windmills.

The ‘Zaanstreek’ also contains many remnants of the industrial revolution. Many old factories can still be seen everywhere.  The Zaanstreek used to be the centre of the food-industry with the cookie-factories of ‘Verkade’ an important landmark. These factories are now all part of the industrial heritage of the ‘Zaanstreek’. Some of those factories are restoured and can be visited, others are now in use as restaurant, gym, public library  or apartments.  You can easily visit these factories (from the outside) by bike or car. We will gladly inform you about all the possibilities.

Several small museums within walking distance of B&B River Garden are also worth a visit.

About 20 km north of B&B River Garden in Zaandijk is ‘The Beemster Polder’. The Beemster Polder, dating from the early 17th century, is an exceptional example of reclaimed land in the Netherlands. It has preserved intact its well-ordered landscape of fields, roads, canals, dykes and settlements, laid out in accordance with classical and Renaissance planning principles. This area is great for walking and biking.

You can also bike or canoe in the close vicinity of B&B River Garden. Renting bikes is easy, we order them for you and they are delivered at the front door!  We can also inform you about renting boats.  Right from B&B River Garden you can start several walks in the surrounding area, enjoying birds,  plants and the spectaculair age-old mills and wooden houses surrounding us.